These are the Practices that will make the difference in the protection of your interests.


We provide services in the area of ​​Portuguese nationality, anchored in the wide experience of our lawyers in this matter.
We have a deep knowledge of the procedural practice and the specifics of such types of processes, as well as a wide international network, which allows us to provide a complete and effective assistance to our clients who wish to become part of the Portuguese community and have access to a wider European community.

Visa and Residence Permits

Our team is particularly alert to the challenges foreign citizens face once in Portugal and is committed to finding innovative solutions and approaches that suit our clients’ immigration plans.
Our services are essentially focused on drawing up an immigration plan for our clients, in the countries of origin, as well as all the follow-up procedures in Portugal, by carefully instructing and monitoring the residence permit processes before the competent authorities.

Foreign Investment:

Support for foreign investment in Portugal is certainly one of the areas of excellence of our team.
We advise and provide global service to our clients in the creation and incorporation of companies in Portugal, in immigration processes based on investment activities – Golden Visa and Investors Visa, tax planning – NHR, dispute resolution and investment protection.
Our vast international experience, as well as our presence around the world, add tremendous value to our vocation to assist and support foreign investment.

Family and Succession Law

Matters related to family law and succession issues require particular care and sensitivity. For this reason, GSN has an approach of absolute transparency, favouring extrajudicial strategies designed with clients in order to minimize the impact that these matters bring to their lives.
We have a team of lawyers with a vast experience in family and succession Law able to assist our clients in all legal proceedings, to lead negotiations or participate in alternative resolution processes, such as family mediation.

Corporate, Commercial and Labour Law

The provision of legal services in this area focuses on daily support to companies, whether in the field of Labour Law, as well as on the most diverse corporate transactions of creation, merger, division, liquidation of commercial companies, as well as all commercial registrations associated.
Likewise, we are prepared for Due Diligence processes in the acquisition and sale of shareholdings, which includes not only the drafting of purchase and sale contracts, but the entire process of feasibility analysis and study of the legal situation of the target company.

Real Estate Law

We closely monitor any procedure for the purchase and sale of real estate, analyzing the documentation that reflects its legal situation, from the first moment until the conclusion of the deed.
At the same time, the provision of services covers the drafting of promise contracts and other agreements, as well as the private authenticated document suitable for the transfer of real estate.

Litigation and Arbitration

Regardless of always favouring out-of-court solutions, we do not shy away from legal proceedings and their conduct as a form of staunch defence of our clients’ interests. This may involve resorting to arbitration or other forms of alternative dispute resolution.
In litigation areas such as civil, contractual and property-related litigation, as well as administrative and tax, we assume a posture of absolute transparency, informing the client of every step taken, so that he feels constantly accompanied.

Insurances and Civil Liability

The insurance area is indelibly to be one of the areas par excellence of civil liability – that is, the duty to compensate when damage is caused in the client’s sphere.
The extensive experience in lawsuits related to civil liability and the handling of issues specifically related to insurance law, whether in the judicial phase or in negotiations to avoid the filing of law suits, puts us in a position to design the best strategy for your case.

Criminal and Administrative Offence Law

Matters relating to criminal and administrative offence law contain numerous specificities that require careful treatment of the issues presented to us.
Both in the defence of individuals and in the protection of companies, GSN helps to minimize risks that result in criminal and administrative offence liability and, in court, monitors clients from the investigation phase to the use of the latest appeal instances.

Contracts and Compliance

GSN elects compliance as a way of being, favouring preventive advocacy and anticipating problems, offering the appropriate solution.
One of the best compliance instruments is, therefore, the drafting and review of contracts in various areas, from the commercial area (such as distribution contracts, franchising development, commercial purchase and sale, provision of services, among others) to the civil area – impressing predictability and confidence in the chosen solutions.

Intellectual Property, Information Technologies and Personal Data

Intellectual property is one of the instruments for preserving the client’s business. GSN is therefore prepared to ensure the registration of trademarks and patents, both nationally, europeanly and globally.
In a fast-changing world, the ability to address technology-related issues, and in particular fintech, is naturally a distinctive element that we pride ourselves on.
GSN also has in its team lawyers who have chosen the subject of personal data protection as an academic area of investigation, ensuring the necessary technical rigor and updating in the treatment of issues related to privacy and personal data.