BREXIT – SEF guidelines regarding new CRUE requests in Portugal

By Wednesday November 4th, 2020 November 16th, 2020 News

SEF has provided City Halls across Portugal with guidelines regarding new CRUE requests for British citizens who intend to reside in Portugal.


SEF as provided City Halls across Portugal, with the guidelines regarding new CRUE requests for British citizens, reminding them that:

  • Those who intend to reside in Portugal for more than 3 months can register right away, without having to wait for the 3 months to have passed;
  • The certificate with 5 years validity shall be issued right away and delivered to the applicant;
  • In order for the certificate to be issued ONLY the following documents will be required:
    • ID document or passport (within validity);
    • The declaration under commitment of honor, that the resident has means of subsistence, is in school, or working;

Nothing new if we were to consider what the law 37/2006 of August 9th states, but is good to know SEF is remembering City Halls that this law exists.

Even though that is not expressed in the SEF internal information, we must assume proof of address is still required.

We believe this was only a way for SEF to remind the City Halls that they can only demand what is in the law.

And by the law one must present:

  • Passport or ID document;
  • Proof of address;
  • Declaration under commitment of honor stating the applicant is either working or have means of subsistence.


Further note, not even with this guideline, all City Halls are complying, demanding additional elements even so.


Please, do register.